Man & Woman Assaulted By Moral Police

The anarchic incident took place in Ambala District, Haryana. The villagers gathered together and brutally injured a married female, who is said to be involved in extra-marital affair with another person.

The fuming villagers went to extend of garlanding together the man and women with footwear to insult them. The crowds keep on humiliating the couple calling it a punishment for their wrongdoing

The lover of the women approached police and registered a complaint against the mob. The policing had started probing the incident.

Moral policing is a general term used to describe the action of extreme outfits and sometimes by general public enforcing the moral code of conduct on individuals.

Valentine’s Day is one such occasion, where the moral vigilantes involve in violence attacking the couples celebrating the occasion.

The lovers are often come under attack for holding together in public.

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