This Malaysian Centenarian still going strong

Amaloo Veerappan passion to eat sweet appam, curry, durian fruits and thosai has been the same for years. This 100 year old never had any restrictions over the diet.

She eat the same as other members of the family either it is rice or chicken curry. She needs no assistance to walk around the home even at this age.

The only age factor she developed is cataract which slightly reduced her vision, else all is fine with the centenarian.

Uma Nair, the 60 year old daughter-in-law admires her mother-in-laws excellent memory and sharp mind.

She continued “Except the medicines for controlling BP, doctors certify her health to be normal”. Uma says she remembers well the past events with dates.

The centenarian celebrated the grand occasion of her 100th birthday along with the five generation of family members living in different parts of the globe. They all flew to Malaysia specially to attend the celebrations

She has born on 2nd October 1916 at Bukit Mertajam.

She is mother of 8 children, and grandma to 24 grand children. Amazingly she has forty great-grandchildren and 7 great-great-grandchildren.

Many of her family members live in other parts of the world, whom she has visited in the past years.

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