Passport misplaced or lost while Abroad? Here’s What to Do

If your passport is gone while travelling abroad, you can’t get back into the country or travel between most other countries. But try not to panic or lose heart. Here’s what you’ll need to do.

First, if you think you lost it, try all out to retrace your steps. Find out if it is misplaced or snitched. Is there a way to retrieve? If so, search thoroughly to save all other formalities.

Once you’re sure it’s gone, call the nearest concerned embassy or consulate to report the loss. This helps prevent someone else from using your passport or stealing your identity. Once you report your passport as lost or stolen, it becomes invalid and can’t be used.

Next, fill out a suitable form and submit it with all relevant proof. Nominal charges, time and efforts are required before you finally get back to normalcy. But the world is not over when you lose your passport.