Learning skills together, Aligarh shows the way

The status quo of developed society could be achieved only when people from all section of society progress in all direction and empowered.

The women folk from the under-privileged section of the society are undertaking training in textile designing as part of the Community Development Programme through the Polytechnics scheme of the Aligarh Muslim University. The programme is being funded by the Ministry of Human Resource Development.

The women are trained to obtain a decent livelihood through  self or wage employment. Despite the difference socio-religious backgrounds, the women try to assist each other out in every possible way. The trainers are very keen to make sure that everyone is treated at par with no one feels discriminated.

Such a positive and harmonious environment at the university training centre sets a good example for everyone and will go a long way in promoting unity among the communities.

With a view to providing meaningful and quality non-formal training to rural youth, women, school dropouts, SCs/STs, disabled, other weaker sections and under-privileged groups of the society to enable them to obtain gainful wage/self-employment and in turn improving their standard of living, the Government of India, through the Ministry of Human Resource Development started a scheme named “Scheme of Community Development Through Polytechnics [CDTP]” in the year 2009.

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