Kim Kardashian robbed at gunpoint, jewels worth millions stolen

Armed men masqueraded as police has robbed Reality TV star Kim Kardashian West at Paris. She arrived at Paris to participate in Paris Fashion Week along with her sisters and mother.

Kardashian has rented an apartment in a private mansion for few days. The ministry reports that 5 men involved in the theft.

Two robbers entered the apartment and  robbed Kim at gun point

The robber’s looted gold ornaments worth USD 5.5 millions from the apartment along with a ring that alone cost USD 4.5 millions.

Luckily, no one was injured or killed during the incident. Guests staying in other apartments of the mansion arrived at the spot after the incident.

Kim boarded flight to home after registering a complaint with the police. She was back with her husband and children at New York. Her husband has to leave his performance in middle after hearing the news of robbery with Kim at Paris.

A spokeswoman of the star stated that although there was no physical assault on her, she is visibly shaken by the incident.

Ever since she returned a line of well wishers visited her enquiring about the incident.

She was facing tough situation ever since she landed in Paris. She was harassed by prankster, who tried to kiss her in public.

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