Kidney Donation: Humanity takes over the Religion, Kerala shows the way.

Bishop Jacob Murickan with Pope Francis

30-year-old Sooraj from Mallapuram in Kerala, has been undergoing dialysis for over a year after a kidney failure. He was the sole bread winner for the family.

The distressed sooraj received a divine message in the form of Bishop Jacob Murickan from Pala in Kottayam , who came forward to donate his kidney to sooraj. It’s nothing less than God’s intervention,” Sooraj told to media.

The Bishop’s church has declared 2016 as “year of mercy” and it is the opportunity for him to turn the declaration into action. The recipient religion doesn’t deter the decision of the Bishop.

The man behind these efforts is Father Chiramel, who was a first priest from India to have donated his kidney years back, before he started Kidney Federation of India.

The surgery is expected in the first week of June.

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