Japan contributes to health and beauty sector with a latest beauty kit

The 15th annual Diet and Beauty Fair was held in Japanese capital Tokyo, where the industry professionals from beauty and health seek new opportunities and exchange information about the latest developments in the sector.

This year event’s prime focus is on the “Made in Japan” imitative, where a beauty machine developed with the latest technology was launched.

The multipurpose kit is the first of its type in Japan, which serves both the dieting and facial purpose. The machine is said to be effective in anti-ageing means with its near infrared rays, along with roller, absorbing, high frequency and care of cavitations.

A user claimed,”It feels better. It’s is same as being massaged. It’s is much improved from the previous. It makes one feel comfortable during the absorption, the body feels much different”.

The usage of range of chips for facial functions makes it possible to manage the tiny spots near the eyes; it was not possible with the prior ones.

The kit is also claimed to be nations first hair removal machine equipped with burst type high-speed mechanism.

The innovative product facilitates the tracing of each spot at first instance, with no repetition process and free from pain. The process of irradiating the light at an appropriate wavelength needed for removing the hair, shortens the time of treatment at the rate of 10 times/sec.

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