Italian woman killed herself after explicit sex video went viral

An Italian woman has ended her life as she was being abused online following an open sex video of self went viral in social media.

Tiziana Cantone filmed a video footage of self having sex with a man. She apparently uploaded the hot video in internet with a intention of making her ex-boyfriend feel jealousy.

The video clip started circulating in the wide range of social media platform resulting in the abuse of Tiziana. In spite of best efforts to keep out the video from the internet, it was keep on re-emerging. The turn of events prompted Cantone to shift her base to rural side of the country from her native urban center of Naples.

After the suicide of Cantone, experts from the field point out the risks and dangers emerging from the online platforms.

‘‘Many citizens are in the habit of taking easy the risks involved in the social media data sharing. The world of social media is rapidly expanding and things move out of hand once the individual make a comment, uploading a photo, files sharing. It becomes very hard to manage the things,” warns Antonello Saro, President of IDPA.

The agencies are investigation the circumstanced that led the suicide of girl aged 31. Cantone is said to be contemplating the possibility of changing her name legally to escape from the menace.

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