Indonesian Toilet Cafe Serves Up Stomach-Churning Food

A toilet-themed cafe, which serves the customers dine on meatballs floating in soup-filled latrines. This may not be everyone’s idea of haute cuisine, but Indonesians are flocking to become privy to the latest lavatorial trend.

Guests at the “Jamban Cafe” sit on upright toilets around a table where food is served in squat loos.The traditional Indonesian “bakso” — a type of meatball — bobbed in a murky soup in one toilet, while a second contained a brightly-colored, alcohol-free cocktail. For the guests, who become nausea may use the sick bag hanging by the entrance.

Taiwan and Russia already have similar themed restaurants, but Indonesia’s modest version has a key difference — it aims to educate people about sanitation and encourage the increased use of toilets.

The restaurant name “Jamban” comes from vernacular Indonesian means toilet. Functioning from April, it hosts only small groups who book ahead.

Owned and run by a public health expert, it hosts discussions with customers showing them videos to encourage people to use dedicated facilities for their bodily functions.

Poverty stricken Indonesians often go open defecation, a practice blamed for spreading disease.”This cafe serves as a reminder that many people in Indonesia still do not have toilets,” said the restaurant owner.

The theme had sparked controversy in the Muslim-majority country, calling the café is against principles and law of Islam.

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