Indian-Origin Dentist Banned For Affair With Patient In UK

Dr Parag Patel an Indian-origin dentist in the UK was banned from practicing his dental profession for allegedly involving in an 18-month-long affair with one of his married female patient.

The misconduct case hearing came up before a UK General Dental Council (GDC) this week over his conduct with the female patient, referred to only as Patient 1.

 “Breaching professional boundaries, providing free treatment whilst encouraging physical contact and engaging in a long-term sexual relationship with a patient represented a wholesale departure from the standards expected of a dental professional,” the GDC panel ruled.

 “By encouraging Patient 1 to leave her religion and her husband, visiting her in her home, giving her gifts, creating a false email address to send an email to her father, and following her in his car after she had ended the relationship, Mr Patel was behaving in a manner which would be considered deplorable by fellow practitioners,” it added.

Much married Patel persuaded patient 1 to have sex with him on many occasions naming the affair as ‘’soulmate relationship’ for convenience. The affair said to be started in mid-2013.

Patel was also accused of discouraging her from practicing her religion.

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