Human skin cells used in animal-free cosmetic tests

A UK-based laboratory is on the path of bringing an end to animal testing in the cosmetics industry, the lab is working on scientifically advanced alternative methods free from cruel procedures and tests.

XCellR8 uses scaffolds of cells from human skin donated by plastic surgery patients, which they say are ideally suited to testing cosmetic products.

Skin cells are said to be the first cells getting exposed to cosmetics and can provide a model for assessing the damage to other sites of the body. It is vital for the cosmetic industry to assess the harmful effects of the products if any, since the cosmetic ingredients are absorbed into the bloodstream, passing then to the organs.

Skin cells are said to be identical to real skin on the body and testing it with cosmetic products will enable to determine the effects/damage being done over the usage of the product.

A number of cosmetic companies have sent their ingredients to XCellR8 to test at their lab in Cheshire, north-west England, including ethical cosmetics company Lush


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