Hudsband puts spouse up for sale in eBay, shocked by funny responses

A husband disenchanted over his nagging wife posted her profile at e-commerce website eBay “for sale”. The offer for sale has received wide response to the extent of a price bid at par with the cost of a Jaguar car.

Simon O’Kane, father of two kids posted the picture of his wife  Leandra briefing the background for the sale, the merits and demerits of purchasing her.

The description made in the site includes describing her body structure, culinary skill etc. The extra mile he went on calling her not new but still usable for several miles.

The 33-year bike enthusiast from Yorkshire was stunned to see the bids hitting as high as £65,880 in a time span of 48 hours. When the wife came to know about the post, she threatened to kill him.

The post proved to be hit among the internet users, with bids reaching the prices of luxury vehicle such as Benz, BMW etc. The biker friends of Simon joked about the mileage aspects and maintenance.

Simon said: ‘I received messages to post more photos of her, but most of the responses were funny.

The best one being the one which asks is she is ready for race and rallies.

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