How can you tell a person is really wealthy by only looking at him/her?

One can use six tricks and assess the personal definition of “being wealthy”.

FIRST – Look at the contentment on the man’s face. It usually cannot be faked. A man who is content in the moment now, is Alexander the Mighty!

SECOND – Look at the number of brands the man is wearing and using, more blatant the good(s), the poorer the person is. He needs a lot of external support to project his personality – a frail, weak, hollow individual.

THIRD – Look at his companions, family, friends, kids, and acquaintances.  A man is known by the company he keeps, the simple and loving that group is, the richer the guy is. They are both reflecting upon each other.

FOURTH – Look at his typical day. If reading a variety of stuff and forming informed opinions on multiple issues is a core part of his life, you are staring at a very rich person, who can add immense intellectual value to everyone around.

FIFTH– Find out what diseases he is suffering from. If he has managed to pile up loads of beautiful diseases with big names and bigger bills, oooh! A poor man. The treadmill he couldn’t slow down enough.

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