How about communicating from a car to another?

The technology that warned of the impending collision will start appearing in cars in just a couple of years. Called car-to-car or vehicle-to-vehicle communication, it lets cars broadcast their position, speed, steering-wheel position, brake status, and other data to other vehicles within a few hundred meters. The other cars can use such information to build a detailed picture of what’s unfolding around them, revealing trouble that even the most careful and alert driver, or the best sensor system, would miss or fail to anticipate.
When we want to avoid a nasty collision with another car around that has visibility obstructions, the tech innovation will come handy soon to avert a catastrophe. The cars will be fitted with wireless system that automatically connect to another vehicle around to emit signals of the impending collision. It reads or senses the relative speed, direction, steering-wheel position, brake status and other data to send out a warning and handshake with the neighbouring vehicle.
Well, there are limitations to overcome especially of the huge network involved. Nevertheless, researches and experiments are on to get a fairly noteworthy improvement in averting considerable loss of lives on roads.
The project is likely to be available in about two years’ time.

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