Horrific video of a man throwing dog goes viral

The animal rights activist termed the act of throwing a dog from a rooftop as a “Social Problem” and the person involved in that as a “Psychopath” and demanded his arrest immediately

Animal Rights Activist claims the act shows that the person is mentally ill and has a tendency to attack the weak and defenseless.

Earlier, a horrific video showing a medical student throwing a dog from a roof went viral. The video said be shot in Chennai created lot of fury among people.

In a disturbing video, the man is seen holding a dog by the neck, balancing him on the edge of the roof. The man then goes on to mercilessly drop the dog. The video ends with the sound of the dog crying in pain.

The video even shows the falling of the dog in slow-motion, which indicates the level of insensitivity on part of the man.

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