Hobbies that groom you smarter

Right from king to common man, everyone has his own set of interesting and affordable hobbies.  In the prevailing cut-throat situation, turning hobbies for self growth makes sense. The following are some of such hobbies

Reading and Writing:

One should read daily for 30 minutes to 3 hours, it makes the individual to feel smarter and gain self-confidence. Being informed noticed to be a winning trait of successful people

Online courses:

More than anything, courses for self learning enables the individual to see the bigger picture of subject. This will help to stay ahead in this Digital Era.


Sound mind need to be supported by sound body/fitness. A healthy person has the hope and the one who has hope has everything.


Music gives peace of mind and it is the best companion to keep enthused.


Involve in preparation of meals and custom cuisine , this will relax the depressed mind and body.

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