Himachal Pradesh bull is up for auction with price tag of 5 crore

Two-and-a-half-years-old bull called as ‘Himachali Ranjha’ has turned a crowd puller at Ghori Dhaviri panchayat in Hamirpur district in Himachal Pradesh.

The reason is that the Murrah bull has bagged a base price of Rs 5 crore. Its auction is going to be conducted in few days

Due to the extraordinary sum was quoted for the bull, the inquisitive people of the hill state have started thronging the village to have a glimpse of the prized cattle.

The village has drawn the attention of people ever since Naresh Soni, 44, decided to auction his Murrah bull, which weighs almost 1,000kg with 5’8” height and stretching 13 feet in length.

Soni, who is associated with gold business, said if a Murrah bull, ‘Yuvraj’, of Kuruskshetra in Haryana can carry a price tag of Rs 9 crore, his ‘Himachali Ranjha’ could be easily be sold for over Rs 5 crore whose mother was also brought from Haryana for Rs 87,000.

He said daily diet of Murrah bull includes apples, two-and-a-half kg soybean, two-and-a-half kg of chana (chickpea), 10 kg of cattle feed beside one kg desi ghee. To ensure that “Himachali Ranjha” keeps shining, two litres of mustard oil is used for his massage daily, Soni added.

Soni said around Rs 1500 is spent on the diet and upkeep of Murrah bull dail

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