High Energy Drinks Intake Could Lead to Cardiac Complications

A new study revealed that the high levels of caffeine in energy drinks could lead to possible cardiac complications.

The case report, published in the Journal of Addiction Medicine, is the latest addition to the existing reports of adverse cardiovascular events related to consuming energy drinks.

The patient mentioned in the report was said to be a 28-year old man who rushed in the hospital after vomiting with blood. The only abnormality health care providers observed in the man is his elevated heart rate reaching 130 beats per minute.

After undergoing electrocardiogram, the doctors noted an abnormal heart rhythm called atrial fibrillation, a common type of arrhythmia that can result to serious complications if left untreated. No other heart problems were observed in the patient. The doctors also observe tearing in his stomach and esophagus, which is probably the result of the forceful vomiting.

The man was given medication for his atrial fibrillation and a follow-up check-up of one year showed no further symptoms of arrhythmia.

The doctors did not find any apparent reason for the man’s abnormal heart rhythm. However, the patient reported that he routinely drinks two Monster energy drink daily, along with two to three beers.

“We believe that energy drink consumption played a key role,” lead author is Dr. Maryam Sattari of University of Florida, Gainesville, said in a statement. “We suggest that arrhythmia could be a complication of energy drink consumption.”

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