Handmade vermicelli from Aurangabad outshine machine ones.

The machine-made vermicelli producers have not been able to outshine the 700 years-old tradition of making vermicelli or ‘sewaiyan’ manually. Especially when Eid is around the corner, the production of hand-made Vermicelli has shot up in Maharashtra’s Aurangabad city.

Kheer made of handmade seviyan forms part of the daily diet of Muslims during Ramadan. Also on the day of Eid Sheer Khurma, a milk-based sewain (vermicelli) with dry fruits and dates is served.

Despite a deluge of machine-made vermicelli in the market, the handmade sevian has retained its place in people’s hearts.

 Well it seems like with some help from the government, this small scale set-up can bloom to its fullest.

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