Google balloons

Google has been trying this technology for a couple of years and has almost begun to achieve their dream project of reaching more people in the globe with internet access. It is aimed at providing problem free signals to the remote places around the world with powerful signals beamed from balloons.

The stratosphere, which typically is used only by weather balloons and spy planes, is safely above clouds, storms, and commercial flights. But it has strong winds, sometimes exceeding 300 kilometers per hour. Providing reliable wireless service means being able to guarantee that there will always be a balloon within 40 kilometers.

The balloons will be interconnected and the signals will automatically pass on to the next through software control. The bottleneck of total connectivity around the world will be sorted out in course of time. The sturdiness and durability of the balloons and the material used will be worked out before finally making this project user friendly. The underprivileged mass will be benefited at almost nil expense. But Google is not planning this without a gain. It has plans to generate income through ads and sponsorship.

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