Good news for vegans! Here comes the Vegetarian Kebab

The 111-year-old ‘Tunday Kebabi’, a famous restaurant in Lucknow serving since 1905, has now begun a service for the vegetarians in the city.

The new vegetarian kebabs are becoming immensely popular among the vegetarians as the same secret spice that is used for the non-vegetarian kebabs are being put in the new variety. The vegetarian food lovers welcome the new initiation, who have to leave disappointed from the shop otherwise.

Tundey Kebabi’s new vegetarian menu will see kebabs made from – potato, ridged gourd (turai), yam (jimikand), ‘chana dal’, gram flour and mouth-watering secret spices for vegetarian ‘galawati kebabs’. Besides, there are ‘Begum Ki Pasand Daal’, ‘paneer’ dishes, vegetarian ‘biryani’ and other vegetable options

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