Göltzschtal Viaduct: the tallest railway bridge of its time

The Göltzsch Viaduct is the largest railway bridge build with bricks in Germany, at a period of time it was also claimed as the tallest railway bridge.

The bridge was build over the river valley of Goltzsch that connects Netzschkau and Mylau. The construction of the bridge was carried for 6 years, started in year 1846 the work was completed on year 1951.

The bridge was a part of railway link between Saxony and Bavaria, another bridge named “Elster Viaduct” similar to its structure but smaller in size was build in 10 Kms distance.

The construction of Göltzsch Viaduct in those days was an extremely big activity; each day around fifty thousand bricks were made available for the bridge construction from the nearby 20 some brickyards. It is recorded that around 1736 were employed during the construction of bridge, where 31 died in accidents.

When the bridge was declared open on 15th July 1851, it was then regarded as the railway bridge at the highest altitude. Although the ranking was overtaken by others, till today it was said to be the largest bridge built with bricks.

The bridge has a notorious reputation of being a suicide spot, it is said many were finished their life by jumping of the bridge in the last 1.5 decade.

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