Giant Moon Balloon Puzzles the Commuters on a Busy Road in China

A giant sized moon shaped balloon created nuisance for the vehicle drivers on an every busy road in a province of China. The balloon rolled along the road over the commuter’s vehicles and street walkers were shocked to see the happenings.

The moon balloon was installed in the center part of the city as part of Fuzhou province much fanfare autumn festival.  Due to high winds caused by the passing typhoon the workers were deflating the balloon to dismantle it, at that time the balloon took flight accidentally.

The annual festival taking place at every autumn is widely celebrated and declared as a national holiday. As a part of the celebration offerings are planned for planet moon, the prevailing bad weather stopped the proceedings.

China was hit by Typhoon Meranti disturbing the normal life and causing damage to the properties. The wind blowing at the speed of 370kms/Hour has claimed the life of twenty eight people.

Fortunately, no one was reported to be inflicted injury by the rolling partly-deflated giant size balloon.

It looks like the moon balloon is devoid of bringing good luck to people this autumn. Many people in the province were puzzled over unrolling of the events.

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