First ‘three person baby’ born using new method

For the first time in the history of baby births, a child was born to a unique fertility process that involves 3 individuals said the Scientists.

The 5 month baby has the usual DNA mix of his father and mom, and in addition a little infusion of genetic code received from a third person donor.

The doctors in USA pursued this extraordinary method to make sure that child won’t carry the genetic disorder transferred from his mother, the Jordanian mother believed to be from a family with a rare genetic condition.

Experts believe it is a new chapter in medical science and would help parents who have to carry along uncommon genetic state transferring it to generations.

Good things won’t come without controversies, rigorous scrutinizing is needed to be done for adapting this technology named “mitochondrial donation”.

Although it may not be the first such instance, in which the medical professionals have created babies holding DNA also from a third one apart from the regular two.

A major breakthrough was achieved in later part of 1990’s; still it is completely new and striking methodology.

The method involves creating a new healthy egg by integrating all important DNA from the mother with healthy mitochondria of a donor and then fertilized with sperm of the father.

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