Feroz Khan’s Dharmatma :The First film to be Shot In Afghanisthan

Afghanistan remains as a largely unexplored nation, it is home some of the stunning locations suitable for film shooting. But the country is being shunned by film makers due to instability prevail in the security arena.

Only a handful of Indian films were shot in the country, the first among them was ‘Dharmatma’ followed by Agent Vinod and Kabul Express.

Few Bollywood movies that have been shot in Afghanistan include, Kabul Express & Agent Vinod

Dharmatma, a 1975 blockbuster bollywood movie was produced, directed by Feroz Khan, he also played the lead role in the movies. Feroz’s movies were considered way ahead of the times, which were seamlessly blended with English movie themes.

The movie portrays the unexplored scenic beauty of the country. The movie famous song “ Kya Khoob Lagthu Ho” was filmed in the historically renowned site hosting Buddha statues in Bamiyan.

The duet filmed on dream girl Hema Malini and dashing Feroz has mesmerized the audience then and now too.

During the Taliban regime, the ancient treasure was destroyed calling it as non-Islamic and send a strong message to USA.

The decade of 70’s was exemplary for the tourism sector in Afghanistan, and the movie makers were fascinated over the slopes and terrains across the country.

Hollywood actor Omar Sharif made his film ‘The Horsemen’ in the year 1970 followed by Feroz Khan’s Dharmatma in Afghanistan.

Dharmatma is said to be inspired by the Hollywood movie Godfather, the Italian background of the original were replaced by stunning locations of Afghanistan.

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