Famous Cotton Sarees of India

Scorching sun rises the temperature across India during summer. Cotton dresses are the preferred attire for women during the season to combat the heat.

There are variety of Cotton sarees available in India, almost every state in India has its own variety of traditional cotton sarees.

Some of these cotton sarees like the Bengali Tant sarees are famous for their fabric quality. Others are famous for the thread work like Zamdani. The most famous India sarees using cotton is the khadi.

Other famous Indian sarees include the Pochampalli cotton sarees and also the Sambalpuri sarees from Odisha. There are several types of embroidery, handloom styles and patterns that define the various Indian cotton sarees.

Listed below is some of the best available Indian cotton sarees


Tant is a Bengali saree that is known by its crisp texture. The  beauty of a tant saree lies in its starched crispness.


Sarees made of the coarse khadi material are a big style statement now. Khadi in white and a slightly brownish colour looks stylish.


Widely replicated in Kolkata is originally from Dhaka, Bangladesh. The normal Dhakai sarees have plain thread work and the Zamdani Dhakai sarees that have golden thread work.

Lucknowi Chikan

Chikan is special kind of perforated embroidery , a specialty of Lucknow. The work on these sarees is usually done with contrasting colours of threads.


This saree from Orissa has vibrant colours and the main feature of the saree is its pallu. The pallu has intricate embroidery that makes this saree very special.


Pochampally cotton sarees are ikat sarees from Southern India. They are popular for their patterns and colourful designs


Kota is a special cotton saree from Rajasthan. Kota sarees are worn casually and also for occasions like weddings or pujas.

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