Ex- glamour model Sofia Hayat : I’m wearing more clothes than Baba Ramdev

Glamorous Sofia Hayat’s transformation from a bikini wearing hot model to a Saint is not accepted by her fans, she is being the most discussed topic in the internet.

Her embracement to saint-hood doesn’t stop her from posting hot snaps on Instagram, she was at receiving end for those photos. When controversial Rakhi Sawant passed her comments on Sofia, the nasty comments increased multifold.

Determined Sofi thought of giving fitting reply to her detractor   through Instagram. She compared herself to Yogaguru Baba Ram dev and also talked about holy womanly power in her.

Sofia mentioned, “Let the individuals attain the brightness of spirituality by traversing to new heights. Do not criticize my body exposure; in comparison to Baba Ram Dev I am much better in wearing clothes. Our Gods at all time look beautiful. One should cleanse their views and minds before looking at pictures and then should judge and criticize. Indeed the creation of women is sacred”.

“The feminine process of menstruation is sanctified; it is the indication of a fertile womanhood. The thing has been termed unclean by negative minds. The mindset of linking women with negativity should be stopped. The time has arrived, where the women energy is to stay all along glorifying the fertility of love”, she continued.

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