English will no more be official language of EU after Brexit

English could be losing its status as an official language of the EU after Brexit despite being the most spoken in Europe, an official has admitted.

Although it is the main working tongue of European Union institutions, it might be dropped when Britain leaves the bloc – further reducing the UK’s influence on the continent.

Each member state has the right to nominate a primary language in Brussels, but no state other than Britain has registered English.

“English is our official language because it has been notified by the UK. If we don’t have the UK, we don’t have English,” Danuta Hübner, chairwoman of the European Parliament’s constitutional affairs committee said – in English – at a Press conference on the legal consequences of the British referendum to leave the EU.

She also said  that English might remain a “working language”, adding that keeping it an official language would require agreement by all member states.

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