Doctors claim ‘heaviest newborn baby girl ever’ born in India

A mother in India has given birth to a 15-pound baby girl, believed to be the heaviest female infant ever born. The child weights as a six-month-old and is reportedly twice the size of the average baby.

The baby was delivered by cesarean section to her 19-year-old mother, known only as Nandini. Doctors and family were surprised by the size of the baby, because the pregnancy had gone smoothly.

The doctors term the child as a miracle and also claim she may be the heaviest baby in the world. Medics are monitoring the child in an intensive care unit to check her developments, before letting her go in a few days.

Despite being “big and beautiful”, the unnamed baby is far off the current Guinness Record holder for heaviest birth, the record is held by a baby boy with 22lb 8oz born in 1955.

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