‘Disco Baba’ arrested in fraud case seen dancing and entertaining cops

A self-styled black magician infamously called as “Disco Baba”, has been arrested by the police for cheating people and extracting money from them promising solutions to their problem with his spiritual powers.

The arrested fraudster was seen dancing to the tunes of popular Hindi music in front of department official, entertaining them with his artistic skills.

Dressed in all white from top to bottom, the fraudster was dancing to famous bollywood tune of ‘I am a disco dancer’, and the officials seem to be having good time enjoying the happenings.

The police had arrested Disco Baba, whose original name is Anwarullah Khan after a complaint was made against him by one Mr. Iftekar Hussain. The accused was alleged to have swindled a sum of Rs Thirty Five Lakhs from the complainer promising to solve his problems using his so called powers.

“Disco Baba” who claims to be a traditional medicine practitioner, had provided to Iftekar gold coated biscuits and fake diamonds in lieu of Rs 35 Lakhs received from the businessman.

Prior to this, many cases of fraud and cheating were registered in the name of this fake baba in the years 2015 and 2004 at various police stations in the Hyderabad jurisdiction.

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