Dinosaur footprints found on Western Australian beach

Footprints of century’s old gigantic dinosaur said to be have found in the beaches of Australian western seashores. The footprints said to be unearthed after a 5 decades of burial in beach sands.

The footprints were accidentally came to fore, when a shell collecting lady felt difference under her feet.

The tracks have been found for the first time after the year 1974, however it was said that the native population of the peninsula encounters such tracks very often.

Dr Steven Salisbury, paleontologist by profession, who works at Queensland University’s school of biological sciences is involved in a project which is exploring the footprints of dinosaur’s in the peninsular part of Australia.  He claimed the tracks may be of a carnivorous theropod, comparatively huge in size of a velociraptor and tinier is size from Tyrannosaurus rex.

Estimates arrived from the footprint’s length, the creature is said to be stand between 1.5m to 1.8m tall from the hip. While assuming it being a carnivore of bog-standard the height would probably in the range of 3mtrs to 4mtrs.

 “The creations are said to be rare and only exists in the peninsula,” he said. “These tracks are unique to the region”.

Dr. Salisbury claims that the peninsular rocks are full of footprints of rare creations such as stegosaurus, sauropods, cretaceous-era dinosaurs and theropods. It is the area where one could record the era of earlier dinosaurs in the entire Australia

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