Diet drinks lead to overweight babies, new study shows

Consumption of artificial sweeteners by women during pregnancy will lead to deliver heavier babies according to a new study. The overweight is defined as 97 percent more of the other infants with the same height and age.

The new study is expected to help improve dietary recommendations for pregnant women, as it looked at the possibility of weight gain in infants by consuming artificial sweeteners during pregnancy.  There was no indication that sugar-sweetened drinks increase the weight of the infants.

The study collected data from over 3,000 mothers and their children, primarily focusing on the consumption of drinks by them during pregnancies. The data indicated that around 30% used artificially sweetened beverages, with 5% reported daily consumption.

However, the study doesn’t conclude that artificial sweeteners caused infant weight gain, but gives an advisory of “caution is warranted” over its consumption.

Findings from the study were published online in the journal JAMA Pediatrics.

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