Denial of Ambulance services force the Family to carry the dead body in plastic bag

In yet another instance of grave negligence and inhuman act by the authorities at Hospital in Bihar, 3 persons were left with no option but to carry the dead corpse of a relative in a plastic bag. The relatives of dead accuse the hospital authority of being callous and denying ambulance facility to move the dead body to Bhagalpur from Kathihar.

Going by the version of relatives, the dead was drowned in flowing Ganga river 2 weeks ago and the body was brought to the hospital at Katihar for postmortem. Initially the doctors at the hospital informed the relatives that the postmortem would be carried in their premises.

After waiting for a day with decomposed body in the premises, the authorities had directed the relatives to carry the dead to Bhagalpur for necessary proceedings.

The grandfather of the dead pleaded the authorities of the hospital to arrange for an ambulance service citing their poor economic conditions and empty pockets at disposal.

It is very appalling that such incidents recur and reported from various parts of the nation.

Earlier, a tribal man from Odisha was propelled to walk around ten kilometers carrying his dead wife on shoulders due to non availability of ambulance services.

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