Dad shocked he was charged $40 to hold his baby in delivery room

A father of a newborn child claimed that he was charged with $40 for making a skin-to-skin contact with his child.  The couple was surprised to see the charges reflecting in the hospital bill.

Briefing media, the father said when he admitted his wife in the hospital for fixed cesarean delivery: the staff asked him about his preference to make a skin-to-skin contact after the child birth. He said yes to it.

He understood the reason behind the asking only on receiving the bill.

The hospital refused to make any reply with regard to the bill citing laws. In a statement released to media, the hospital briefed the charges were made towards the additional caregiver and it is working for a better definition of the rendered service.

 The parents said they have already settled the hospital bill and has no idea of further escalating it. He mentioned that the hospital provided excellent service and he was amused at the service definition.

The father also made fun out of it, he created an account under the name “GoFundMe” to cover the paid $40. At a later stage he tendered unconditional apology to the hospital for striking controversy with his post.

He said “I have made the post without any specific intentions. He hopes the matter will be taken for a healthy discussion.

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