Cop Forces Complainant For a Foot Massage

A man arrived at the police station to file a complaint at Lucknow was ordered by the station house officer (SHO) to massage his feet

Ram Yagya Yadav, SHO of the Mohanlalganj police station in the state capital of Uttar Pradesh, was suspended after he was caught on camera asking the complainant for this favour.

Uttar Pradesh police ordered the suspension and initiated a departmental enquiry over the incident after a video of the act went viral.

The incident said to happened last week, when the man went to the police station to file a complaint over some issue which is not yet known.

Instead of offering help or a solution to his problem, the SHO humiliated and asked him to massage his feet. Initially the man thought it was a joke, but was later forced to give the SHO a foot massage.

In the video, the officer can be seen in his uniform talking to someone over the cell phone.

The other officers were seen standing close to him. The matter was taken to the Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP), Lucknow, Manzil Saini.

Despite efforts to make police more sensitive, the cops continue to harass common man and ignore his problems

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