Conjoined at birth and “unlikely to survive”girl twins start school

The conjoined twins, who were declared to have a very rare chance of living a long life are bracing themselves to attend the school.

The twins named Rosie and Ruby Formosa, were born conjoined at birth through abdomen and shared along a course of their intestine. Doctors performed a risky major surgery in the year 2012 to keep them apart. Doctors informed the child father Daniel and mother Angela about the possible short life of their twins due to complicated conjoining factor.

Doctors were successfully separated the twins, who were identical by birth. This September they are embracing themselves to live a life of school going children.  .

The 4-year-old twins were feeling ecstasy to be starting their school life along with elder sister aged nine. Their mother said we never thought the day of schooling will ever come in the life of my twins; we were very worried at their birth before 4 years.

She continued saying about the difficulty in accepting the fact that the couple’s children were diagnosed with a rare health disorder, said to be having the probability of one in two hundred thousand deliveries.

The girls were born through an cesarean operation after 34 weeks of pregnancy, their birth was followed by an urgent and necessitated operation to remove the blockage formed in the intestine.

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