Combating UTI : 3 Most Useful Tips

UTI, urinary tract infection, is a commonly prevailing infection, highly found in women due to their body anatomy.
This infection may occur in kidney, bladder or urethra forming the body’s urinary system. Symptom of this infection is the agonizing pain unable to bear with. At few instances it may cause irreversible damage to the urinary system.
In mild cases, health care professionals may prescribe antibiotics to prevent this infection from spreading and causing further damage. The symptoms of this infection includes burning sensation when urinating, persistent urge to urinate, etc.

As it always said “Prevention is better than cure”, this infection can be prevented by taking proper care.

Some important tips to prevent the occurrence of urinary tract infection.

Drink Plenty Of Water:

Drink plenty of water, the simple and cost effective way of diluting the urine and pushing it out on frequent intervals. In the opinion of experts, holding the urine puts pressure on your bladder. So, drink plenty of water and urinate frequently.

Wipe From Front To Back:

Hygiene toilet habits keep the infections at bay. Women must practice to wipe from front to back after urinating. This movement keeps bacteria away from the anal region and vagina.

Drink Cranberry Juice:

There exists a strong link between urinary tract infection and cranberry juice. While the consumption of the juice is vital to prevent infections from occurring, it is also effective in curing the one diagnosed with this infection.

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