Chris Gayle Recalls His Stay At Mallya’s Goa Getaway

West Indies batsman Chris Gayle who played for Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) in Indian Premier League shares his luxurious experience of spending five days at Vijay Mallya’s beachfront mansion in Goa.

Gayle mentions this in his autobiography “Six Machine: I Dont Like Cricket…I Love It”, published by Penguin Random House.

“Its bigger than most hotels. Its cooler than any house I have ever seen,” writes Gayle.

“Ive got the entire villa for myself. Im getting a tour. Wherever I go Ive got two butlers walking with me at all times. Me alone, like a king! I go in the first pool. I go in the second pool. I walk the lawn, in my robe. I go back in the pool with a Kingfisher beer and then I stay in the pool and the Kingfisher beers keep coming, which makes sense because the one place theyre not going to run out of Kingfisher beers is in the Kingfisher villa.”

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