China: ‘world’s highest bridge’ nears completion in Guizhou

Engineers of China are working overtime to finish the basic structure of the bridge, which is claimed to be the highest bridge in the world.

The bridge is being constructed at 1,854 feet above a river connecting two mountains. The bridge is named as Beipanjiang Bridge. The transport department of Guizhou province in southwestern China released a statement in this regard.

Till the opening of the new bridge, the river bridge build over Si Du River in the central province of Hubei is considered to be the highest bridge in the world added the statement.

The bridge’s two ends were linked last Saturday, the statement revealed.

The bridge with the length of 1,341-metre will be opened to general public by December 2016. It is expected to cut short the travel time between Xuanwei in Yunnan province to Liupanshui in Guizhou. At present it takes 5 hours for the trip, which is expected to cut down to less than two hours.

Although China claims to be holding a number of highest bridges of the world, the world’s tallest bridge of 343m height remains to be France’s Millau viaduct.

The opening announcement follows the closure of world’s longest glass-bottomed bridge for urgent maintenance.

The bridge declared opened with lot of festivity just 13 days ago has to be  closed.

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