Cat man of Aleppo’ stays in Syria to look after pets left behind

Several thousand residents of Aleppo, Syria were forced out of their home due to ongoing civil conflict. They leave behind everything to save their lives, what could happen to their loved pets once they leave.

Mohammad Alaa Aljaleel popularly called as ‘the cat man of Aleppo’, has sheltered a number of cats abandoned by the fleeing people. All of these pets were left wandering by their rightful owners on leaving the city.

Briefing to a BBC program titled ‘Life Under Siege’ Mohammad told : ‘Residents of the city simply handover the pets to me, they are aware of my love towards the cats’.

By profession Mohamed was an electrical technician. Ever since the eruption of civil conflict he had turned driver, he drive ambulances to rescue people affected by the bloody conflict

He passionately cares for pets and hosts a sanctuary for them at his home. In year he was taking care of around twenty cats, which has runs to hundreds now.

Although all of his friends have moved out leaving him alone, he says that now cats have become my companions. He strongly wills to stay along there with cats facing all difficulties.

A person who has mercy for human being will have the same towards all living under the Sun.

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