Cappadocia,A Turkish City Where People Live Inside The Caves

Cappadocia in Turkey is one among the cave cities survived for centuries, people said to have inhabited in the caves from 1200 BC.

Recurring eruptions from volcanoes had formed soft rocks, and later they have turned to caves. For centuries, people sheltered in these caves to protect themselves from enemies during wars.

After several centuries, people still prefer to live in caves carved from rocks.

The city of Cappadocia holds several houses, markets, hotels and worship places carved inside the caves. Underground cities numbering around 35 are found in the region, where large number of people lives in seven stories dig deep under the land.

The living spaces of the cave receive enough ventilation and the technology behind such wonder is under study by the architects. These shelters beneath earth have rooms, kitchens, animal shelters and even medical dispensaries.

In the year after 2005, a documentary was filmed on life inside caves. The release of document made world people aware of such an architectural marvel and popularized Cappadocia as a tourist destination.

Every year large number of tourists arrives at this fairyland, till date Cappadocians wish to purchase cave homes and prefer to live there.

Cappadocia, the name is found in Christian history is a region hosting many extraordinary wonders of the past.


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