Campaign calls for NASA to send condoms into space

A campaign is being organized to convince NASA for sending condoms through satellites into the space, which the campaigners believe will encourage aliens and earthly beings towards safer sex in the future

RFSU, the organization which promotes the idea calls the condoms to be the all time most significant invention. The Swedish Association is actively involved in providing sexual education to all.

It calls that the “contraceptives” should also be sent into space citing that a day may came when aliens will visit to Earth to have sex with “Hot humans”.

The RFSU says it is unsure about the reproductive organs of the aliens, but says the condom reflects the best about human anatomy.

In its official website, the organization showers prices on the male condom, saying it the best invention of the era. Since condom prevents unwanted conceiving and protects from venereal diseases it should be considered for sent into space.

Prior to this call, NASA had already sent many objects into space such as a Doritos commercial, Luke Skywalker’s Lightsaber and an X-Ray of a hand.

The Beatles all time famous song ‘Across the Universe’ and a  black and white portrait of human reproductive organs were also shared with alien creations.

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