Busting Breastfeeding Myths

Becoming a mother is a lifetime experience one may go through, however the thought of breastfeeding makes some feel rather uneasy.

Breastfeeding is the most opted natural way to nourish your child, but there prevails a common worry among young women to think you know very little about what to expect when a baby latches on to your nipples.

Every year the first week of August is observed as World Breastfeeding Week stressing the importance of breast milk for a new born baby.

When it comes to breastfeeding, new moms are given a lot of advice. However, not all of them hold ground.

1) Not every woman can produce milk

The myth is a complete farce; around 99 per cent of women can produce enough milk to breastfeed.

2) You don’t have to do it for 18 months

A study suggests that 18 months is the optimum time a woman should breastfeed, and the World Health Organisation suggests doing it for up to two years.

3) Breastfeeding isn’t that different to formula milk

The two milks are very different. Formula is essentially cow’s milk, and may contain around 30 beneficial ingredients. While the breast milk has about 300.

4) You can’t breastfeed if you work

It is possible to continue breastfeeding if a mum returns to work.

5) Start with short feeds and build your way up

This myth that has no scientific value, feed your baby as long as it needs to be fed.”

6) Breast milk doesn’t change

Actually breast milk changes both during a feed, and during the day.

7) You can’t breastfeed if you’ve had implants or piercings

So long as a plastic surgeon has not cut a milk duct, then any woman who has had cosmetic surgery, or nipple piercings, can still breastfeed.

8) Breastfeeding will make your breasts saggy

Childbirth itself may have an effect on women’s breasts, but feeding doesn’t

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