Brutal beating of students, teacher caught on camera sent shock waves.

In a very disgusting development a video footage showing a teacher beating brutally the students had shocked the nation. The incident took place in Karnal, Haryana, where a teacher of a private coaching center seen involved in such a gruesome act.

The video footage was recorded by the co-students of center. The instructor name Pradeep Arora was seen assaulting the 12th and 10th class students.

The video shows Arora holding the hair of the students and smacking to not carrying the lessons allotted as homework or for scoring low marks in tests and arriving late to the classes.

On being confronted, Pradeep has admitted his unkind method of punishing students but he was not regretting his style of functioning. He adamantly claims such methods are adopted by him for making the students excel in lessons.

Police came to know about the video shot by a co-student in secrecy, which was telecasted in the local cable network as news.

The video created furor among the people and the police was forced to file an FIR over the entire turn of events. The police did so in spite of receiving no complaint from students or their parents against the master.

The investigation is in progress.

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