British Man Could Be Very First Cured Of HIV With New Therapy

A British man, aged 44 may become the maiden HIV patient to be cured of from the virus.

The HIV positive patient showed no traces of HIV virus after the treatment. He underwent treatment using the newly designed therapy for HIV cure.

Scientists approach the entire matter with caution; they say it is required to reassure the working of the treatment. However, they claim the patient made a remarkable progress.

The said patient is the first among the 50 odd , who were undergoing treatment “Kick and Kill”. The treatment consists of two stages to eradicate the deadly virus.

The new therapy is very effective in tracking and destroying HIV from all parts of the body. It is a unique one which destroys HIV in dormant cell too, that is something not possible with the existing treatments.

The clinical trials were funded by the NHS. The trials were successful with the active collaboration between scientists and doctors. They all represented reputed institutions and hospitals.

The unidentified patient agreed to the trial to assist others.

The most common way of HIV transmission is by sexual intercourse, sharing contaminated syringes.

The virus collapses the immune system of the human body and turns the individual vulnerable to death.

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