BJP MP Varun Gandhi lavish praises for Nehru, recalls his sacrifice for India

Ruling party MP Varun Gandhi and scion of Nehru-Gandhi family leashed praises lavishly on Independent India’s maiden Prime Minister Pandit Nehru. He was speaking among the youths at a conclave.

“People made to believe that Nehru became the first prime minister and enjoyed the life like an emperor, ultimately in luxury and comfort. What they are not aware is that he has to spent 15.5 years in jail to reach there,” he said.

“In contemporary context if somebody says to me that I serve a jail term as of Nehru and later become the Prime Minister, I would tell ‘excuse me; it is too strenuous ‘.”

He called the youth to make an understanding that Nehru forfeited his family and received wounds to make India independent.

He stressed such a freedom should not become vain.

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