Bengaluru girl rejects boy as he disliked her dog

This bizarre incident took place in Bangalore; the city was in news for the past week over the violence that hampered the city. The city girl has rejected the proposal of marriage from the boy; reason he doesn’t like her dog.

The youngster name Karishma Walia hails from Bangalore and works in Gurgaon with Deloitte India Ltd. While the family of  Walia found a suitable boy for marriage, she rejected the proposal since the boy felt uneasy over her dog.

She was not even ready to rethink to make her mind, such was her affection towards the pet. The dog shares her surname too – Walia.

Walia’s social media outlook at Facebook reflects her love for the pets. Her profile displays the love for her pet for sure.

The profile speaks volume, “I am all here for the pet. And that matters everything”.

Ms.Walia conveyed her mother that the boy found to be suitable for her as he was handsome and well settled.  “I was subjected to pressure from the family, and they perceive I made a mistake of raising the worry about the pet,” she said.

The screenshot of the said conversation with the boy is gone viral in the social media. Over the chatting she conveyed her strong standing for the pet dog, which received wide appreciation.

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