Arjun Vajpai ,The Youngest Indian to Scale Mt Everest

Arjun Vajpai , a schoolboy from New Delhi becomes the youngest Indian to climb Mt Everest, the world’s highest peak.

He set to became the tallest 12th grader when he planted the Indian tricolour on the snow-clad summit of the 8,848 metre mountain.

Arjun was part of a 12-member expedition that has a record number of Indian climbers trying their luck individually.

Though Arjun began climbing only three years ago, he took to the sport immediately. He had no acclimatization problems while taking up the Everest challenge.

Arjun was also buoyed by the thought that he would be in the company of legendary climber Apa Sherpa, the man who has climbed the peak the highest number of times – 19 – and is aiming to reach the summit for the 20th time.

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