Amsterdam To Pilot World’s First ‘Self-Drive’ Boats

Amsterdam’s famous canals will be seen floating with what is called as the first driver less boats of the world. The captain less   boats will be transporting commuters, moving cargo and also to be used as floating bridges.

The first prototypes of the driver less boats termed as “Roboat” is expected to be launched in next year. The prototype is the outcome of project collaboration between (AMS) Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

MIT has allotted a gracious grant of USD 22.3 million towards the project.

“At a time, when the technology is moving towards the introduction of autonomous vehicles on the surface transport sector , the city of Amsterdam evolves towards the novel project of launching autonomous vehicles on water bodies,” the AMS said in an official statement.

The boats could also serve the purpose of forming floating bridges on requirement by stack it all together, particularly during the mass events.

The city with flowing of 165 canals around it covering a water way extended to 50 Kms is the most ideal place for developing Roboat.

The 4-century old UNESCO World Heritage site has always seen as the pride of Amsterdam used for transport purposes as well been the main tourist attraction.

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