Ajith is my Godfather – Alisha Abdullah, India’s First Female Racing Champion

Alisha Abdullah had made a space for herself in the male dominated world of motor sports. The life and achievement of this women racer is sure to inspire many.

Meet Ms. Alisha , the 26-year-old from Chennai, the first ever women racing driver with a long list of achievements under her credit.

Born to a bike enthusiast and racer father, she crowned as national champion of record 7 times. Her love for racing started at the age of 8, she initially opted go-karting.

Things changed when her father presented a 600 cc superbike at 18th birthday, her career reached pinnacle in the thereafter.

Now aged 26, she had already spent around 14 years on the racing track. She clinched 80-90 trophies to her credit, the best being the MRF National Go-Karting championship.

In 2014, she represented the nation at the Toyota VIOS. She became the first women from India to achieve a podium finish at an International level motor sport event.

She recently opened a racing academy exclusively for women to groom them in her footsteps.

She recently claimed that famous Tamil actor Ajith to be her Godfather of racing career.

“Thala” Ajith is the only actor participated in Formula racing, which includes the most prestigious British Formula 3. At the pinnacle of his racing career he was ranked as the 3rd best motor car driver of the nation.

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